Friday, May 29, 2015

The Korban of Gid'on

The gemara in Temurah 28 (cited in Rashi and Yalkut Shim'oni) brings down the statement of R' Abba bar Kahana states that when Gid'on was instructed by Hashem to offer a korban at the beginning of his mission (6:26), eight issurim were permitted: 1) offering a korban outside of Shilo, 2) offering a korban at night, 3) a zar offering a korban, 4) using tools from an asheirah, 5) using stones from a mizbe'iach of avodah zara, 6) using wood from an asheirah, 7) offering an animal that was muktzah to avodah zara, and 8) offering an animal that had been worshipped. However, the navi states explicitly that Gid'on did everything at night out of fear of his family and neighbors, rather than by day. From where did Gid'on derive the authority to violate the issur of night?

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  1. The Eitz Yosef on the Medrash Rabba in Naso 14, quoting the Y'fei Mareh, says that the hetter was to do the avoda whenever he wanted, and he chose night because of the neighbors. Had he not feared them, he would have done it at night.. Just because a navi tells you to do something doesn't mean you shouldn't be cautious if you can. Like Shmuel said to Hashem, "How can I go to Yishai? Shaul will hear about it and kill me!"